Does taking a further driving course affect your insurance?

Does taking a further driving course affect your insurance?

What is a further driving course?

The advanced driving courses are special exams designed to help you with your road skills and awareness, it aims to make you a safer more vigilant driver. If you hold a full license these courses are designed for anyone. From drivers who need confidence on motorways to older drivers who just want to touch up on their road knowledge, all can boost your confidence behind the wheel.

Advanced driving courses will help you find challenging driving conditions less stressful and can make it easier for you to read the road. Your driving will be safer and more likely to be incident-free.

What are the different types of further driving courses?

There are a few different advanced driving courses you can choose from, depending on which driving skills you need to work on.

  • IAM Roadsmart

IAM RoadSmart courses are generally regarded as the most respected and recognised post-test course. IAM Roadsmart offers a number of different advanced packages, including courses intended for the use of both cars and motorcycles.

  • RoSPA

This four-day course is a great way to refresh your driving skills. RoSPA aims to reduce road accidents by encouraging an interest in road safety. This course is available to general members of the public to improve driving standards, knowledge, and skills.

  • The AA

The AA offers a wide range of specialist courses suitable for every type of driver. If there are certain elements of road use that you find particularly challenging such as driving at night or using rural roads, you will be able to find a course that is tailored to suit you.

  • Pass Plus

Pass Plus is a common choice for young and new drivers and is designed to help improve road safety and reduce the risk of accidents. It expands on what you have already learned during your driving lessons but adds in extra elements, like driving at night or in bad weather. The course consists of 6 hour-long lessons, where you will learn to drive on motorways, in heavy traffic and on rural roads.

The course consists of 6 hour-long lessons, where you will learn to drive on motorways, in heavy traffic and on rural roads. There is no test to complete the Pass Plus Scheme. You will have to meet the required standards in all modules to pass. You will then be able to apply for your Pass Plus certificate.


Who can take an advanced driving course?

Anyone with a full driving licence, either if you have recently passed your test or if you just wish to brush up on your driving skills.

Will these courses affect my licence?

No, however, you are only allowed to participate in the course once you have passed both elements of your driving test.

Will taking a further driving course to reduce my insurance?

Some course may help to lower your car insurance because the insurer is likely to view drivers with additional/further driving courses as less likely to have an accident. Many courses do not lead to discounts at all and any savings that may be available will not necessarily outweigh the cost of the course.

If you are taking one of these courses for the reason of lowering your insurance, make sure you check whether they will recognise the course before paying out for it. These courses can help you maintain a no-claim discount as a safer driver.


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