What are the different types of Special Vehicles insurance available?

Agricultural Vehicle

An agricultural vehicle used for farming or agriculture is not only an investment but an asset that needs to be insured correctly to protect the future of your livelihood. Our expert panel of insurers understand the importance of agricultural specialist vehicle use and ownership. Let us help find you the policy you need from the right insurers to protect your vehicles.

Horsebox & Livestock

The transportation of livestock and horses has its very own unique set of requirements and criteria as it is not only the vehicles that need to be considered but the precious cargo onboard as well. Here at QuoteBeater we have a panel of insurers who understand livestock and horsebox transportation as well as all the specifics that come along with it.

Waste Disposal Vehicles

Waste disposal vehicles are an absolute necessity in the modern world and often are not given the credit and understanding they deserve. At QuoteBeater, we have a panel that have dealt with waste disposal vehicle insurance for many years and fully understand the importance and exactly what is needed in a policy to ensure your waste disposal vehicle is in good hands.

Hot & Cold Catering

By filling out one simple form we will help you find the best insurance policies for hot and cold catering vehicles. We will put you in touch with our panel of specialist, UK based, insurance providers ensuring your catering van is protected without emptying your wallet. Let us help you to ensure that you are covered correctly and at the best price.

Crane & JCB

Construction vehicles are some of the hardest working vehicles on the planet, which means they face challenges that many will not understand or consider. At QuoteBeater we are ready to tackle any challenge to ensure your crane or JCBs are covered by putting you in touch with our specialist insurance providers.

Mobile Shops & Salons

Here at QuoteBeater we understand that transporting your business and your livelihood has its own unique set of risks, so finding the right insurance policy can be a daunting task. Let us help you find quotations to suit your every need and put you in touch with an insurance company that understands what you want and need at a great price.

Ex Military Vehicle

If you own an ex-military vehicle, you will almost certainly have encountered some of the problems that can come with owning them. We understand that the application of ex-military vehicles varies dramatically, and each requires its own unique criteria. Most insurance companies cannot help, but our experienced panel of insurers can.

Private Ambulance

A Private Ambulance is one of the most important vehicles on the road, often needed in traumatic or distressing circumstances. At QuoteBeater, we can put you in touch with our network of specialist insurance providers today who can help you find a robust and inclusive insurance policy to protect both you and your vehicle.