What are the different types of HGV & Coach insurance available?

Articulated Lorries

Haulage insurance can be best described as a form of commercial vehicle insurance and is typically referred to as an insurance policy for individuals carrying a large load to a single destination. If you are in the business of transporting goods in a heavy-duty truck or lorry you will need the cover that a haulage policy provides.


Coach insurance is a specialised insurance that covers the general use and operation of large passenger vehicles. It can cover a fleet or a single commercial vehicle. Coach and bus insurance provide protection for the drivers, passengers and business operators as well as public liability cover for any incidents that may occur.

Rigid Lorries

Vehicle transporter insurance carries a unique set of risks, not only do operators spend a lot of time out on the open road, they also carry expensive high value vehicles. Car transportation insurance is required by businesses who are involved in the collection and transit of vehicles. At QuoteBeater, our panel of insurers will help find you a policy quickly and efficiently.


Removal van insurance is different from your standard vehicle insurance as the vehicle is carrying other people’s goods. At QuoteBeater, our panel of insurers will help find you a policy quickly and efficiently, ensuring your tailored needs are met. We can provide quotes for individual removal drivers, as well as removal companies who need to insure their entire fleet.


Finding insurance for a tanker truck may seem overwhelming and intimidating, with the increased risks that are commonly associated with storing fuel and driving a large vehicle on the roads. We will help you ease your insurance concerns and assist you in finding quotations that are tailored to suit your every need but do not break the bank.

Specialist Vehicles

Concrete mixer insurance refers to the cover required to protect your vehicle and driver, on and off the roads. As the owner of a concrete mixer you will understand better than most the responsibility and hard work that is required in owning a concrete mixer vehicle. We, at QuoteBeater, can help you find competitive insurance quotations.